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Thesis statement: Many Americans are not aware of the effects that credit cards have on them. Credit cards can lead to debt, identity theft, budget simplicity, and other financial problems if you do not use wisely. If you have a credit card you should limit yourself to the amount of times you use your card. Supporting Paragraphs: Credit cards have become a problem for many Americans over the years. As credit cards become more available many Americans are putting themselves at risk for debt and other financial problems. According to creditcardrays (2010), “Debt is an incurable disease that eats into your credit status and burn a hole in your pockets. A few companies offer credit card debt elimination programs, but rushing into them will create more problems.” Many debt counseling services are available to help you remove your debt, but you have to figure out which services are trustworthy and which ones are scams. Some debt elimination services help you remove your debt without charge while others charge you a monthly fee which is a big problem because you
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