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GEOG1700 9/22/11 1. In general the global population is aging 2. Video showed people living near a garbage dump in manila 3. NATO is a military alliance 4. The video is concerned with Christianity in China 5. The video described the earthquake in Chile . 6. Fluvial erosion is caused by water. 7. The video described the impact of melting ice in the arctic ocean . 8. laterites are found in rainy tropical areas 9. The video described migration from Tuvalu resulting from rising sea levels 10. Video concerned “global trade” in e-waste 11. Tokyo is considered to be a global city. 12. The woman in the video is smuggling cigarettes
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Unformatted text preview: into the US from Mexico. 13. Places tied together by common connection points form nodal regions . 14. A Cartogram is a map with place sizes weighted by a selected characteristic 15. Life expectancy at birth is always low where the child mortality rate is high 16. The video showed the recent rapid growth of the Mayan population in Guatemala 17. The video showed the relationship between fertility rates and income 18. A forced, large scale migration is diaspora 19. The video concerned international migration...
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