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Chapter 2 - Green Revolution-highly productive agricultural...

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Chapter 2 Anthropogenic- an adjective for human caused change to a natural system, such as the atmospheric emissions from cars, industry, and agriculture that are causing global warming Biome- ecologically interactive flora and fauna adapted to a specific environment. Examples are deserts and tropical rainforests. Bioregion- a spatial unit or region of local plants and animals adapted to a specific environment, such as a tropical savanna. Climate Region- a region of similar climatic conditions. An example is the marine west coast climate regions found on the west coasts of North America and Europe Climograph- a graph of average annual temperature and precipitation data by month and season Desertification- the spread of desert conditions into semiarid areas due to improper management of the land Global warming- an increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere
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Unformatted text preview: Green Revolution-highly productive agricultural techniques developed since the 1960s that entail the use of new hybrid plant varieties combined with large applications of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The term is generally applied to agricultural changes in developing countries, particularly India. Greenhouse effect- the natural process of lower atmospheric heating that results from the trapping of incoming and reradiated solar energy by water moisture, clouds, and other atmospheric gases Prairie- an extensive area of grassland in North America. In the more humid eastern portions, grasses are usually longer than in the drier, western areas, which are in the rain shadow of the Rocky Mountain range. Steppe- semi arid grasslands found in many parts of the world. Grasses are usually shorter and less dense in steppes than in prairies....
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