fluids02 - then determine p j real from p j model ? The...

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When a capillary tube is lowered into a liquid and then withdrawn, the meniscus of the °uid is at a height ¢ h above the liquid surface. It is found experimentally that ¢ h depends upon the tube diameter D , the liquid's surface tension ¾ , and the liquid's speci¯c weight ½g . Write an expression for the functional dependence of ¢ h in terms of the dimensionless parameters of the problem.
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Oil °ows at V = 1 m/s along a section of the Alaska pipeline that is ` = 10 miles long and 2 m in diameter, with a density ½ = 900 kg/m 3 and a kinematic viscosity of º = 0 : 002 m 2 /s. The pressure drop ¢ p over the 10 miles of pipe is known to depend on ½ , V , ¹ , ` and D . The pressure is to be predicted by carrying out a scale experiment using water and a pipe of 5 mm diameter. What length of pipe is required, and at what velocity must the water °ow? How would you
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Unformatted text preview: then determine p j real from p j model ? The propellor of a 150 m long cargo ship is 2.5 m in diameter and rotates at 100 rpm under normal operating conditions. A 1:100 scale model of the ship and its propellor is to be tested in a towing tank to nd the drag force on the ship that the propellor must overcome. It is known that ows near free surfaces depend on g , whereas eects of water viscosity on this ow can be neglected. 1. Which dimensionless groups must be matched to ensure dynamic similarity? 2. At what rpm should the model propellor rotate? 3. If the drag coecients of the model and the full-size ship are the same, what is the ratio of power expended by each?...
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fluids02 - then determine p j real from p j model ? The...

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