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HOMEWORK Homework exercises (15% of the course grade) will be assigned and graded within the Wiley Plus online system. When you have registered with the Wiley Plus system you will be able to see all of the reading assignments and the first few homework problem assignments. Note that both reading and homework problem assignments have due dates, and your scores will be diminished if you do not complete the assignments on time (inc luding the readings). Other factors, such as the number of anempts needed to answer a question, and the use help resources for homework assignments used will also affect your grade. USING YOUR COMPUTER You'll need to be familiar with MicrosofirD Word, Excel and PowerPoint packages to order to complete the major assignments. DlSABILJT1ES Persons with disabilities will receive all reasonable accommodation. For a counselor appointment, call 353-9642. EXAMS AND GRADING Short quizzes will be given as a part of the laboratory lecture on Fridays, approximately every two weeks. These will generally be announced ahead oftime, but sometimes will be given as 'pop' quizzes. There will be no midterm exams. The final exam will be a closed book 50-question multiple choice test. Grading Breakdown: Lab: 30%; Homework/Reading 10''10; Quizzes 35%; Final: 25% Note that most will score well in the lab - this means that the curve will be especially hard on those who do poorly in this area. Missingjust one lab meeting will likely affect your final grade. The final exam is scheduled for Wednesday May 4, 7:45-9:45 a.m., Lecture Hall COMMUNJeATIONS Course-related information, homework solutions, and announcements will be disseminated via Wiley Plus announcements so you should log on to the system frequently during the week. Students are encouraged to consult with their respective T As during their office hours, which will be announced during the second week of class. Electronic mail questions or comments will only be recognized only by the primary corresponding TA (to be announced). Professor Grummon's office is open to you at any time, but in general, questions should go to your T A. Professor Grummon will not generally answer email inquiries unless they are tagged in the subject line as "emergency" . A NOTE ON ETHICAL CONDUCT Engineers must behave ethically; the safety of the public depends on not only on the competence, but also on the honesty and integrity of engineering professionals. Engineers may, at times, come under strong pressures to act unethically, and the results can be tragic. At a university, one important ethical requirement is thatlhe work upon which you are graded be your own, and not someone else's. Students are cautioned against any type of unethical conduct, including copying during exams, presentation of false documentation for medical excuses, or use of stand-ins on exams and quizzes. Storage offactual information on handheld calculators, for use in closed-book exams, is also expressly forbidden. We have no sense of humor whatsoever about cheating
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view - H OMEWORK Homework exercises 15 o f the course grade...

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