Formula Sheet-physics test3

Formula Sheet-physics test3 - n-t coordinates t-axis:...

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n-t coordinates t-axis: tangential axis(tangent to trajec.; same direction as v) normal axis(x-axis)-pointing toward inside of curve v vec=directon(+tand magn. ds/dt) acceleration: a(vec)=a t t + a n n= (a t 2 +a n 2 ) 1/2 a t -tang. Accel (change in speed) = dv/dt a n -normal accel. (change of direction) = v 2 /R R-radius of curvature circular motion a t =dv/dt a n =a rad =v 2 /R (R is radius of circle) Uniform circular motion: v=constant A t =0, v=(2piR/T) = 2piRf A n =a rad =v 2 /R = 4pi 2 R/T 2 =4pi 2 Rf 2 Note is used for angle; need to draw it out and use β properties of angles (supplementary ext.) Newton’s Laws-General 2 nd LAW: F=ma unit:N=kg•m/s 2 Weight w=mg (downward vertical) Applied force, F Tension T, (string, wire, cord, cable, or rope) always out and away and constant (massless rope) Spring force (elastic force) Fs- can be stretched or compressed Normal force N, always toward the body Fs=kx, magnitude in linear spring is proportional to deformation of spring Friction f, oppose motion and parallel to surface Static friction (fs): no relative motion use F=ma Max friction (f max ); impending motion f max = μ s N Kinetic friction (f k ) f k = μ k N General Approach to Newton’s 2 nd law 1. Identify the type of motion and characteristics 2. Draw FBD 3. Set up proper coordinate system BASED ON MOTION a. x-y:horizontal or vertical motion b. x-y: parallel and perp to incline c. n-t: vertical circular motion
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Formula Sheet-physics test3 - n-t coordinates t-axis:...

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