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ME_423_lecture_1 - (5 Unsymmetrical bending(6 Torsion of...

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ME 423 08/31/2011 Lecture 1 Introduction Introduce syllabus, class rules The course learning objective Determine the stresses and deformation in engineering devices and structures (1) Forces and stresses, displacement and strain, stress-strain relations (2) 3D stresses, stress transformation, principle stresses, maximum shear stress (3) Failure theories, stress intensity factor, fatigue (4) Energy methods, Castigliano’s theorems
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Unformatted text preview: (5) Unsymmetrical bending (6) Torsion of thin-walled beams Self Study, read 1.1-1.4 1.5 Review of elementary mechanics of materials 1.5.1 Definition of stress components Stress matrix = = z zy zx yz y yx xz xy x zz zy zx yz yy yx xz xy xx σ τ yx xy = zx xz = zy yz =...
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