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Final Exam Study Guide - HIST 226 Roman History Exam Review...

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HIST 226 – Roman History --- Exam Review 1. Early Rome – Why was the site an attractive one? What allowed for the city to develop? Founded on the east bank of the Tiber River o Important location along the river River flowed down from the mountains from here and then out to sea Possible to ford the river Next closest location is far upstream Ample water supply Develops into sort of river port o Decent agricultural land o Hills provided refuge and had better climates Organized work takes place for the first time around 650 BC o Effort is made to move people out of land between Palatine and Capitoline o Cloaca Maxima o Area eventually becomes the Forum Romanum o Creates large open space to conduct public affairs o Begin constructing public buildings Senate House, shrine to Jupiter, wall around city, market, port o Indicates that a society working together has formed o Servian Wall 2. Cursus Honorum Word itself means Course of Honors o Positions were seen as honors, and thus unpaid Quaestor o Must be 30 years old, originally 10 per year o After reaching this would become a senator Praetor o Cannot run unless you have been Quaestor o Could be Tribune (10) or Aedile (4) in between but don’t have to o Six per year Consul o Two per year o Must have been Praetor o Must be 42 years old Senate o In theory a very weak body Never more than an advisory council Could not summon itself Doesn’t set own agenda or timetable o Goes in rank order for discussion after proposal and everyone must speak o Senate comes to hold a great deal of power
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Possesses auctoritas Becomes authoritative in financial matters and foreign affairs Becomes habit and custom that people should listen to the senate o Doesn’t pass laws Citizen assemblies do this 3. Roman Religion Separation of church and state is a purely modern idea Roman religion is a community religion o Binding institution which it was necessary for everyone to participate in – unifying o Existence of gods is a given – don’t need to convert anyone Religion of action not of thought No overall organization of clergy Cults exist for those that want to learn Much more concerned with this life than with the afterlife Religion is not exclusive o Could worship any new gods etc Confuses Romans about Christians and Jews when they encounter them Anthropomorphic o Gods possess human form Indigitamenta o Very tiny beings that affect small things example of pen running out of ink or sticky laptop key Numen o Every physical place has one of these Important to maintain strong relationship with gods o Maintain Pax Deorum No about conversion, belief, bettering yourself, looking after others, forgiving others, giving stuff away no concept of sin o Simply about making you a better and stronger person Maintain relationship with gods by 3 means o Prayer, sacrifice divination 4. Republican Army
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Final Exam Study Guide - HIST 226 Roman History Exam Review...

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