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Test #2 Study Guide

Test #2 Study Guide - HIST 226 Unit#2 Themes Career of...

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HIST 226 --- Unit #2 Themes Career of Marius o From Arpinum SE of Rome – prominent local family o Volunteered with Scipio Aemilianus at Numantia in 133 o Becomes client of Metelli o Becomes Quaestor, loses election for Praetor, but wins in 115 o Marries Julia of the Julia Caesares --- Aunt of Caesar o Possibly responsible for military reforms Into 10 Cohorts o War with Jugurtha Quintus Metellus wins Consulship and is assigned North Africa to fight Jugurtha Marius second in command Marius gets Consulship as Novus Homo in 107 and takes over with Sulla as Quaestor Senate tries to block assignment, but overridden --- Marius doesn’t bother with draft instead asks for volunteers and state has to pay for kit (Gaius’ reform) o Forces Senate to face land distribution when they return --- otherwise would have angry army with nothing to lose Marius/Sulla defeat Jugurtha and in 105 Bacchus of Mauretania turns him over o Cimbri and Teutones Decided to move homeland in 120 --- arrive in NE Italy by 113 Kill Consul who goes to tell them not to enter Italy Defeat Roman armies in 109, 107, and two at Arausio in 105 -on scale of Cannae Novus Homo Consul Mallius had been disobeyed by proconsul Caepio Elections of 105 Panic in Rome – elect Marius – even though law said could only be Consul once, and had to declare in person Elected Consul again for 103, 102, 101 – Defeat Cimbri at Vercellae in 101 Elected Consul for 100 as a reward too o 100 – Senate passes SCU to deal with Saturninus and Glaucia and ask Marius to carry out Agrees – chooses establishment over consorts (always sought respect of senate) Arrests them, but they are killed by mod lobbing roof tiles of curia at them Year ends with Marius looking foolish and discredited --- hadn’t been able to control Saturninus o Marius leaves Rome after his consulship and disappears for a few years o 88 – Sulpicius Rufus asks for Marius’ support in passing measure Agrees but wants Sulla’s command against Mithridates
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Ridiculous request Sulla is consul and very capable, Marius is private citizen and old Both measures pass with the use of violence/Marius’ vets Sulla marches on Rome and Marius flees to Africa
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Test #2 Study Guide - HIST 226 Unit#2 Themes Career of...

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