10-5 - 2nd lecture

10-5 - 2nd lecture - Notes 10-5-10 Themes How community...

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Notes 10-5-10 Themes… How community wide-ills can be healed – include historical contexts Midwifery Communities approach to midwifery reveals the societies key values about the healing process and what kind of knowledge has authority. Meanings and contexts of midwives change in cultures How is midwifery shaped by specific social, political, economic processes and gender relations? 18 th century – Mark of the lower class Women were midwives and healers of their families with knowledge of herbs. 17 th century – Male doctors only brought into birth in extreme cases Man-midwife: male called in as a supplement during a difficult birth 1750-1800 – Man-midwife gaining popularity and replacing women. What kinds of broader changes enabled men to enter the exclusive female world of childbirth? Competitions of different forms of medicine for economic dominance and authority. Allopathic (regulars) – precursors of today’s biomedicine physicians Homeopaths, hydropaths, botanical physicians, eclectics – reformers. Said Regulars bled physicians and killed pts and relied on unnatural drugs and mercury. Also an economic competition. The reformers urged people to observe and learn from nature. Trained women as physicians and told people how to heal themselves. Regulars saw this as irresponsible. Physicians (regulars) eventually used politics in 1850’s to suppress the reformers (irregulars) via institutionalization of societies that could lobby. Legislatures passed
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10-5 - 2nd lecture - Notes 10-5-10 Themes How community...

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