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Lecture 4 - Shamans is the unit of Pig’s analysis...

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2 Case Studies: Evans-Pritchard: Azande North Central Africa, Congo, Sudan – 1.4 million Witchcraft – part of everyday life Witchcraft = Excuse for coincidence/ bad luck What does his account of the collapsed granary reveal? Zande make connections between natural and super-sensual realms. Answers WHY. Gives reason for bad luck. Witchcraft is the Azande explanatory model. What was E-P’s purpose in writing about the Zande witchcraft? What does his representation do /what kinds of effects does it produce? Clearing up western stereotype of witchcraft. The Zande have an explanation for which we do not besides “coincidence”. Explanation of causality – logical mechanism of explaining misfortune. Pigg: Villagers of Nepal What becomes the unit of Pigg’s analysis? Why? Beliefs of villagers about Shamans, different degrees of faith in Shamans. Modern vs Backwards ppl. The people are embarrassed because of use of Shamans when confronted by a westerner. Their anxiety and thoughts of perception by westerners for using
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Unformatted text preview: Shamans is the unit of Pig’s analysis. What’s her goal? / What kinds of effects does her representation produce? Cannot take an E-P approach because the villagers self-perception. E-P analyzed function of witchcraft in society, Pigg looked at belief of Shamans in society because of Nepalese responses and dedication not to be thought of as backwards. E-P studied witchcraft as rational thought; Pigg studied Nepalese who wanted to prove they were rational. When we ask others about rationality, we set ourselves as the standard of rationality. Remember: Anthropological theories and questions shift Societies and their healing systems also transform Re-assessing the idea of a single rationality: Cultural Logics = forms of rationality (sense making about the world) Not concerned about truth value What do concerns about rationality reveal about the societal relationships in a globalized world?...
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