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Suneet Bhansali Wednesday 2pm Recitation Dwyer Article In this article, Dwyer discusses the population dynamics and evolution of myxomatosis through a rabbit model. The myxoma virus was introduced to Australia to control the European rabbit population. What Dwyer noticed was that over time the rabbits began to gain resistance to the virus. Just recently the virus has begun to fight back and regain virulence over the rabbits. Myxomatosis is a fatal disease in the rabbit population. Rabbits were brought Australia from England and France and they then multiplied over the decades. To control this population, scientists decided to infect some rabbits with the virus in hopes that they would die. Due to natural selection however, the rabbits that had the mutations to save them from the virus were able to pass on their genes. These genes allowed the rabbits to gain immunity to the myxomatosis diseases. Dwyer’s team presented a simulation set of models describing the myxoma-rabbit
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