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Instructions for Term Papers For the term paper, you will write a 5-7 page paper focused on a particular global health topic. The paper must be based on your own research using library and internet sources. Your goal for the project should be to explore a particular global health issue in depth in order to learn more about it. INSTRUCTIONS FOR TERM PAPERS : In the paper, you should define the topic or concept (e.g., what are the issues & structure of refugee camps?—why are they so complex?; what is microcredit?; what is a community based organization?). You should address the scope of the issue (e.g., why is this important? what are the complexities? what are potential solutions?), the biology and history of the disease, and the social and cultural context of the disease and then use a specific case or cases from the literature to address your points. Be creative and innovative in your analysis and approach. Most of all, have fun! To get you started, some questions you might consider include: What kind of disease is it and how does it cause illness? What are the global/regional and Human impacts? What role do historical factors play in the distribution of the disease? What are the ecological factors (climate, rainfall, disease vectors, etc) What are the social aspects (poverty, overcrowding, migration) Discuss cultural practices related to the distribution and spread (forest clearing, environmental degradation, road building, labor migration, etc) Discuss potential solutions: integrate your findings from culture, society, ecology, etc. Use one or several case studies of specific interventions to highlight the
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Instructions_for_Term_Papers-1 - Instructions for Term...

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