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Recitation #1 - Katherine Dettwyler addresses the immense...

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Eric Cohen Recitation #1 1/20/10 In Yellow Fever Black Goddess: The Coevolution of People and Plagues, Christopher Willis talks about human reaction to plagues throughout history. When the Bubonic Plague spread throughout Europe during the 14 th century, there was not enough technology and advances in medicine to halt the spread of the disease. In 1994, there was a big earthquake in India, which left many rats and wild animals that had the plague Bacillus without their natural habitat. The plague began to spread and panic shortly followed. Our advanced media outlets informed the public of the plague and a solution was quickly found. Within weeks the areas of contamination were sprayed with DDTs and other insecticides which stopped the spread of the plague. This plague which would have conquered India in the 14 th century was squashed by 20 th century technology. In Dancing Skeletons: Life and Death in West Africa
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Unformatted text preview: , Katherine Dettwyler addresses the immense difference in health in West Africa compared to developed countries around the world. It is shocking that one of the biggest problems in Africa is access to clean water and malnutrition amongst children. Without basic resources, diseases are more prone to spread across the population and end up killing thousands of people. Many diseases such as measles which would not kill a nourished child end up killing malnourished children in Africa. To stop the spread of disease, West Africa must keep their children nourished and have access to clean water. Questions 1) Is ridding Africa of disease possible without democracy across the continent? 2) Is the technologically and medically advanced world safe from pandemics and plagues? 3) Are plagues always rooted from “upsetting the balance of nature”?...
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