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Recitation #2 - was the leading cause of death in two years...

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Eric Cohen Recitation #2 2/3/2010 Questions 1) Were there ever quarantines used to separate people with bubonic plague during the spread of the Black Death? 2) In many countries, water seems to be a major contributor to the spread of disease. Does the majority of donations to third world countries go to creating cleaner water systems? 3) How much of an impact does the exponential population growth and general overpopulation in countries like India have on the onset and spread of diseases in these countries? In Yellow Fever Black Goddess , the account from the world’s first demographer, Graunt, is given on the leading causes of death between 1629 and 1660. Without the technology to perform an autopsy, the cause of death was usually determined by a group of “antient matrons” at the scene of the death. In total, the search parties with limited medical knowledge were able to identify 100 different causes of death. Out of the 22 years surveyed in this time period, plague
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Unformatted text preview: was the leading cause of death in two years. The two leading causes of death among the population were coughing/consumption and infant mortality. On the other end of the spectrum, few people died from cancer or heart failure and only two people died from alcohol abuse. As Wills notes, “The world has changed immensely since Graunt’s time.” The leading causes of death have reversed since Graunt’s study over 350 years ago. The threat of plague has been almost completely eradicated while the leading cause of death today is now cardiovascular disease. Technology has improved immensely since the 1600s which has led to great advancements in medicine. For example, the invention of the vaccination has been able to prevent the spread of numerous diseases. The everlasting yearning for knowledge and answers will continue to mold our medicine, causes of death, and our global population size....
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