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Eric Cohen Recitation #3 2/17 Section 608 As we have talked about in past recitations, health policies and expectations are different around the world based on cultural differences. One past discrepancy was that the elderly were getting necessary nutrients before infants and children because the community sees the elderly as more important figures. In New Guinea, the people place a significant emphasis on pigs. They are a sacrificial animal, a food source, and for many a spiritual symbol. The people’s knowledge of the downside of eating pork was referred to by Robert Desowitz as “both a medical and cultural disaster.” One of their customs involves sacrificing, cooking, and consequently eating a pig in a concise manner. It is sad that the leaders in New Guinea know the dangers of performing this custom but feel obligated to go through with it. Question 1) Should someone (America, UN) try to educate and convince other cultures to abandon harmful traditions like eating undercooked pork?
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Unformatted text preview: A nightmare for global health and researchers has begun. Certain diseases have become resistant to all antibiotics. For these few diseases, the death rates have begun to rise again after a steady decline. In American culture and many other countries around the world, the word “bacteria” has taken on a very negative connotation. People must realize that bacteria are a natural component in life that is necessary for humans to live. Bacteria can actually help humans fight off diseases by competing with rare bacteria that could harm us. With the negative connotation comes an obsession with ridding our world of bacteria with antibacterial substances. If we overuse antibacterial substances, we will create bacteria that will be resistant to antibacterials and antibiotics. Question 2) How can we reverse the stigma of bacteria and balance cleanliness and living with safe bacteria....
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