Anth 320 Midterm Study Guide

Anth 320 Midterm Study Guide - Part I. Measuring/Defining...

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Part I. Measuring/Defining Development Week I. What is meant by development? Cultural construction with profound cultural impact. Operates like a culture (through a set of meanings, institutions, and practices). Can be studied ethnographically. Goals of UNDP for Development Do away with dominance of GDP as indicator; creation of a more complex indicator including life expectancy, education and income Introduce a new way to manage development by focusing on social priorities Week II. Priorities for Developing Countries: Improving the enabling climate for private sector activity Strengthening the public sector and improving governance Improving infrastructure Enhancing service delivery of human development Priorities for Developed Countries Sustaining stable and strong growth in the world economy Ensuring a successful outcome of the Doha Round Its objective is to lower trade barriers around the world, which allows countries to increase trade globally UNDP Approach to Development HDI: Focus on quality of life instead of economic Growth “Mass poverty, deeply entrenched inequality and lack of political empowerment contribute to deny a large share of the world’s population the freedom to make real choices” (HDR 2006: 263). A broader definition of wellbeing. HDI includes a composite measure of healthy life (life expectancy) + education (adult lit and formal educ) + standard of living (purchasing power). Look at (lack of) correlation between HDI and GDP per capita Goals of the Bamako Appeal : Construct a world founded on the solidarity of human beings and peoples Construct a world founded on the full affirmation of citizenship and equality of the sexes Construct a universal civilization offering in all areas the full potential of creative development to all its diverse members Construct socialization through democracy Construct a world founded on the recognition of the non-market-driven law of nature and of the resources of the planet and of its agricultural soil
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Construct a world founded on the recognition of the non-market-driven status of cultural products and scientific acquisitions, of education and of health care Promote policies that closely associate democracy without pre-assigned limits, with social progress and the affirmation of autonomy of nations and peoples Affirm the solidarity of the people of the North and the South in the construction of an internationalism on an anti-imperialist basis Week III. “Investing in core infrastructure, human capital, and good governance therefore accomplished several things: Converts subsistence farming to market-oriented farming Establishes the basis for private-sector led diversified exports and economic growth Enables a country to join the global division of labor in a productive way Sets the stage for technological advance and eventually for an innovation-based economy “Success means sustainable, equitable, and democratic development that focuses on
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Anth 320 Midterm Study Guide - Part I. Measuring/Defining...

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