anth questions 1 and 2

anth questions 1 and 2 - should denaturalize and...

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Question 1 a. False b. True c. False a. Discourse does not falsify reality b. Statement about reality d. False Question 2 a. True b. False c. False d. True Question 3 a- Difference b/w GAD, WID, and WAD from WCD and Body Politics WCD and BP looks at feelings and culture and reproduction, and the first three are more based on economics Last two talk about men and women Body as sight of power and contestation and Development is also about body Question 3b – Egypt Objects of analysis do not exist in isolation…they are constructed by discourses that describe them For those Egyptians those entities do not exist . .? Constructed in terms of balanced relationship b/w …? Naturalized in terms of geo. Climate. .people etc Trope is that too many people are crowded around narrow strip of nile What does he say o Faced w/ naturalized construction
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Unformatted text preview: should denaturalize and deconstruct it o Reach out for calculator and recalculate something? o Read article to find 3-4 other things o Egypt as world econ not as isolated econ o Shift in lack of grain of Egypt o Grain has been diverted to animals vegetarian to meat eaters Question 3c – Gibson Graham • 3 elements of the project of politics of language • Politics of economic frameworks – see capitalism everywhere • Create alternative framework • Tool of elements o Politics of subject – how to use framework to get people to think and to desire different econ • Politics of Collective action • What are principles of framework o How do they think about economy in terms of different o Different agreements o Different enterprises...
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anth questions 1 and 2 - should denaturalize and...

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