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Notes til midterm - Week I What is meant by development and...

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Week I What is meant by development and who needs to develop o Econ. Growth, increase quality, industrialize, increase life expectancy, tech advancement, health care, education, sustainability, democracy, food, gender roles, decrease poverty, rights, popn Anthropological Analysis asks o The role of tradition in development o Development as a function of practices at different levels o Consequences of social life in developmental terms o Alternatives? Why Anthropology o Development is a cultural construction o Development has a profound cultural impact o Development acts like a culture—sets of meanings, institutions, practices o Ethnographical studies Main Actors o World Bank o International Monetary Fund o United Nations o WTO G7, G8, G20 o Group of 7-8 riches world countries (Russia is 8 th ) o Davos o Nation-States Civil Society Organization and Social Movements o Think Tanks, NGOs: Oxfam, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, Transnational Movement Networks and World Social Forum Development as Growth vs Human Development o Offers disease as cure RIST – scrutinize the aura of self evidence of a concept considered universal but really the product of a particular history and culture As RIST puts it, “All that has been said before, many times … a list of good intentions carry no weight when pitted against national [and international economic] interests” Problem statement implies solution statement (RIST on problems and solutions) In this way, “what passes today for the truth of the history of humankind … is actually based upon the way in which western society –to the exclusion of all others– has conceptualized its relationship to the past and the future” (Rist 44). [A ‘particular universalism’] Growth is not the engine of development, “the engine of growth is belief” (46). The idea of growth is more important than growth itself; “this is why development, which is always presented as a solution, is itself actually a problem ” (46). North vs South o Key problem: “ it is impossible to consider the poverty of the south without also seriously examining the wealth of the north” (Rist, p. 204)
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United Nations Devept. Program and Human Development – Two Goals o Introduce a new way to manage development – focus on social priorities o Move to a conception of social, cultural and econ rights UNDP and Human Development – 2 biases o Stages of devt. And individual orientation o It became a sort of ‘double speak’: to construct allegedly new truths but only by putting up with ‘lying truths” (Rist 210) Vandana Shiva - Soil, not Oil o Soln to triple crisis is to move from non renewable resources to renewable Myth – oil producing plants can be used for energy Biofuel plants are grown but hurt rain forests o Problems – CO2 Emissions, Peak Oil Consumption, and Food Crisis Due to industrialization and globalization Tried to offer disease as cure—increase all 3 to cure them
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Notes til midterm - Week I What is meant by development and...

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