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music quiz 1 notes - Introduction world music music from...

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Introduction world music – music from non-western traditions that are mainly used for commercial purposes Ethnomusicology – study of music as a culture Enculturation – process of learning the culture that one is surrounded by Soundscape – music of a specific area world beat - rhythm – patterened recurrence of events – time relation between sounds related and repeated meter – pattern of strong and weak counts pitch – how loud or soft polyrhythm – presence of several rhythms polymeter - melody – part of music that goes up and down timbre - quality of voice harmony – part different from melody at the same time texture o polyphony – several melodies and sounds o heterophony – several voices singing same time but different melody o monophony – one voice only o homophony – voice w/ accompaniment form - structural arrangement of music units/phrases organology – study of musical instruments Instruments Single step classification Precussion Strings – bowed and plucked Winds Ancient Chinese Classification – based on material Silk, Gourd, Wood, Bamboo, Metal, earth, leather Erich Hornbostel and Curt Sachs – 4 way classification Idiophones – struck directly and indirectly, plucked, friction o Claves, xylophone, shaker and maracas, turntables o Sound by instrument alone Membranophones – drums, sound produced by membrane on instrument Chordophones – zither – strings stretched over a resonating body o Kayagum - korea o Guzheng - china o Koto - japan o Sound by strings on instrument Chordophone – Lute – zither w/ a neck o Biwa – 2 strings (japan), Pipa – 4 strings (china) o Harp
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Aerophones – wind instruments – sound by air blown o Shakuhachi from japan o Reeds – clarinet and surna, bagpipes, and accordions o Horns and trumpets Korean music kugak – national music Ŭmak – western music chongak – aristocratic music ̆ sori – folk music types of instrument kayagŭm – zither (12 strings) haegŭm - fiddle changgo – large drums
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music quiz 1 notes - Introduction world music music from...

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