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Duong_Richard_Prelab1 - Richard Duong MCRO 251 Lab Pre-lab...

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Richard Duong MCRO 251 Lab 8/31/10 Pre-lab Week 1 Purpose: To learn the basic techniques and procedures on how to view different microbes using microscopy in order to serve as reference for future experiments. Also, to distinguish characteristics of specimens stained with different chemicals to be either Gram positive or Gram negative. At the end of the experiment, there will be demonstrations of different staining techniques for specialized cells with different components (such as containing a capsule, endospore, etc.) Procedure: 1) Take out microscope and identify all the parts listed in the lab manual-serves to provide knowledge about the anatomy of the microscope so one knows how all the parts function together 2) View prepared slides using proper procedures- a. starting from the low-powered objective, b. adjusting the fine focus, c. Lower the body tube with coarse adjustment until objective is about ¼ inch from slide d. switching it to the higher-objective lenses making sure there is enough space and immersion oil in the area of the specimen.
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