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Richard Duong MCRO 251 Lab 5 September 2010 Week 6 Pre-Lab Purpose: There are three objectives to be completed in this lab. The first is to examine conjugation using two strains of E. coli (one containing resistance to ampicillin and one containing resistance to streptomycin) and four kinds of growth media (Luria-Bertani[LB] agar, LB agar with streptomycin, LB agar with ampicillin, and LB agar containing both ampicillin and streptomycin.) Second, we will examine microbes in alfalfa sprouts as potential sources of bacteria through a series of dilutions. And finally, we will observe the microbial flora inside our nostrils, more specifically to isolate S. aureus from the anterior nares. Procedure: I. Complete exercises from last week 1. Observe three plates from last week’s bacterial transformation. 2. Record observations. 3. Observe plates on the effects of washing microbial flora. 4. Record and estimate number and types of organisms present. 5. Observe plates of other students. II. Bacterial Conjugation 1. Divide the three plates containing LB, LB+streptomycin, and LB+ampicillin into halves using a wax pencil labeling one half ‘I’ and the other ‘II’ 2. Divide the plate containing LB+streptomycin+ampicillin into thirds. 3.
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Duong_Richard_Prelab6 - Richard Duong MCRO 251 Lab 5...

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