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Richard Duong MCRO 251 Lab 23 November 2010 Unknown Lab Report Introduction The objectives of this lab were to use our skills acquired throughout the semester and a process of elimination to aid in discovering the species of one unknown upper respiratory tract bacteria, and two unknown enteric bacteria. Observations and details were written down carefully and can be observed below as each test was administered had a purpose in the discovery of the unknown bacteria. The significance of doing this is that when we go out into the medical field, professionals have to be able to run these same exact tests in order to figure out what bacteria a patient is dealing with, and how to treat it with certain antibiotics. This experiment shows what microbiologists have to do every day, and the different selective media when dealing with unknown bacteria lodged inside a patient. u PURE CULTURE UNKNOWN REPORT Unknown Tube #: 51 Name of Pure Culture (URT) Organism: ______ Streptococcus mitis _____________ Gram Stain __Positive ___ Cell Morphology and Arrangement ______Streptococci ______ Colony Morphology: _________Sheep Agar-green, matte, round, small/rough _________ Test Results (if performed) URT Organism Gram Stain Gram Positive Hemolysis Alpha Hemolysis Oxidase Oxidase Negative Catalase Catalase Negative Coagulase N/A Bile Esculin N/A “A” Disc N/A “P” Disc P-disc resistant Results and Conclusions: The URT unknown was streaked for single colonies and incubated for a day. Also, during the streak day, a gram stain test was performed and the unknown was classified as a Gram Positive Cocci, meaning a coagulase test was not necessary. The results of the next day showed a dark green alpha hemolysis that was small, circular, rough and matte on the sheep blood agar. An oxidase test were performed from this, confirming the unknown to be a Gram Positive Cocci that
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Duong_Richard_UnknownLabReport - Richard Duong MCRO 251 Lab...

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