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LFIT Final Review - Pavan Patel LFIT 106 Lifetime Fitness...

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Pavan Patel – LFIT 106 Lifetime Fitness Final Exam Review Test will be approximately: 50 multiple choice 1 Multi-part Essay Question No equations, very few percentages, know ranges for health measurements Review from Modules: Module 1: Health Status and Benefits of Physical Activity What are the two leading causes of death in the United States are diseases that are considered lifestyle related and mostly preventable? a. Cardiovascular disease and cancer What are some key factors contributing to the increasing prevalence of obesity and excessive body weight in the United States? a. Decreased physical activity b. Diet What are some key goals of the Healthy People 2010 initiative and what are the rationales behind these goals? a. Designed to identify the most significant preventable threats to health and to establish national goals to reduce these threats b. It provides health objectives in a format that enables diverse groups to combine their efforts and work as a team c. Goals c.i. Increase quality and years of a healthy life c.ii. Eliminate health disparities Module 2: Health and Fitness Assessments 1. What is cardiovascular disease and who does it affect? o Cardiovascular diseases are a range of diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels and account for 35% of all deaths (ex. High blood pressure, coronary heart disease) o Overweight and obese people with high cholesterol are at particular risk for cardiovascular disease 2. What are the national health objectives? o Decreasing health disparities o Increasing health quality of life o Improving mental health, healthcare, environmental quality, immunization o Decreasing tobacco use, violence, substance abuse, and reckless sexual activity 3. Familiarize yourself with cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, and other common diseases in America. o Cholesterol (HDL – good, LDL – bad) lipids in the blood Normal: below 200
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High: 200 – 240 Very high: above 240 o Blood Pressure: reads systolic/diastolic amount heart can pump/pressure on artery walls. High: above 140/90 High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart failure, or kidney failure. Overweight, stress, and diet can affect blood pressure. o Arthrosclerosis: build up of fatty tissue in the artery walls due to bad cholesterol o Diabetes Type 1: pancreas does not produce enough insulin Type 2: body is unable to efficiently accept insulin; caused by obesity/overweight and lack of exercise; most common type and prevalence on the rise o Osteoporosis: characterized by old brittle bones. Factors that increase risk are calcium deficiency, lack of exercise, old age, being underweight o Arthritis: characterized by swelling/inflammation of the joints and painful movement. Being overweight, lack of exercise, and poor flexibility are all risks. Osteoarthritis: too little cartilage in joints
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LFIT Final Review - Pavan Patel LFIT 106 Lifetime Fitness...

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