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Quiz #2 Study Guide - Quiz#2 Study Guide Introducing the...

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Quiz #2 Study Guide Introducing the High Middle Ages o Economic upswing Warmer climate creates more suitable environment for agriculture o Bigger and new villages Parish churches in each town Increased long distance trade Upswing in monetary usage o Administrative Kingships Increased attempts at centralization Regionalism as opposed to localism Normans conquer England in 1066 William the Conqueror/Battle of Hastings Capetians come to the throne in France in 987 o Peace and Truce of God 989 Attempt by clergy to control the violence of the middle ages Particularly relating to the knight class Medieval Expansion of Europe o Foundation of Cluny 910 Founded by William of Aquitaine Essentially left the monastery to the church instead of keeping it under his control Left it to Saint Peter o Pope’s are descendents of Peter Attempted to recover and follow the Benedictine Rule o Post-Carolingian Popes had very little political clout Essentially subject to the Holy Roman Emperors Henry III appoints Leo IX as Pope in 1049 Leo goes to Rome and has his election confirmed by Bishops o Signifies he wants to be confirmed not by a secular ruler Brings reformers to Rome Tries to end Simony o Buying and selling of church offices o Holds council in Reims, France Dismisses Bishops who gained position by simony o Investiture Controversy Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085) and Henry IV (1056-1106) Dictatus Papae Issued by Gregory in 1075 Bullet points for church authority Controversy over Bishop of Milan breaks out Henry invests his own candidate
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Gregory excommunicates Henry in 1076 Henry is travelling south in
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Quiz #2 Study Guide - Quiz#2 Study Guide Introducing the...

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