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Quiz #3 Study Guide - Quiz #3 Study Guide 11/16/09 o The...

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Quiz #3 Study Guide 11/16/09 o The Cistercians and White Monks Broke from Cluniac monasteries Criticized them for their wealth Led to distractions from religious life Wore white robes in contrast with the black of Cluniac monasteries Cistercian Order began in 1098 Attempt to return to a pure form of the Benedictine Code As popularity grows, their own wealth increases Bernard of Clairvaux Most notable Cistercian Leads in reform Employs erotic language to relate his relationship with God o Cult of Mary Becomes increasingly popular during the 12 th century o Francis of Assisi Gets rid of all worldly possessions Begins to wear rags etc Eventually founds a new order Poverty is essential Known as Mendicants o Order of Beggars Preach the word of God Problem arises that Francis is not a member of the clergy Gains permission to preach in 1209 by Pope Innocent III o Clare of Assisi Founds order based on Franciscan model known as Poorclares Draws contrast, men are allowed to preach but not women o The Beguines Groups of women in cities coming together to share belonging etc Some see it as good, others are frightened Groups of unsupervised women reading the bible in the vernacular, some try to preach Many Beguinages eventually shut down 11/18/08 o Tensions rise between Christians and Jews by the 12 th century Changes in political life Jews dependent on the crown, so people angry at king target them Booming European economy Anxiety over the sin of usury Developments in intellectual life Increased use of reason
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o Reason was needed to balance perceived from faith o Jews couldn’t do this so they were like animals Changes in Christian spirituality Jews had punished, tortured, and crucified Christ Blood Libel Christian belief that Jews would occasionally kidnap a Christian boy and reenact the crucifixion of Christ o Peter Waldo and the Waldensians Also known as the Poor Men of Lyon Waldo goes through a similar transformation as Francis Group recognized in 1179 but not allowed to preach Condemned as heretics at the 3 rd Lateran Council by Pope Lucius III o Look up Cathars and the Alibigensian Crusade (1208) and the Ad abolendam and local suppression of heresy o Pope Gregory IX begins the origins of the Papal Inquisition 11/23/09 o Famine Agricultural expansion begins to slow down as arable land is used up Europe had too many people for their current level of technology The Little Ice Age Distinct drop in temperature in the early 14
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Quiz #3 Study Guide - Quiz #3 Study Guide 11/16/09 o The...

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