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Immigration and the changing Face of Europe 1. Germans a. Invited workers, one said, “we wanted workers but got people” few workers tons of families b. Can’t assimilate into German and other cultures because it is in your blood, etc. 2. Naturally immigrant populations band together a. Typically after several generations the descendants will slowly assimilate into regular society 3. After 1989 a. Immigrants of East Europe in to West Europe a.i. Suddenly competition for labor a.ii. Increased expansion a.iii. Free trade which encourages immigration a.iv. Exporting resources to have them made into goods then shipped back in a.v. Opportunity for some increased racism, etc. Reformation of many immigration laws b. Satellites – cultural assimilation, if people are going to assimilate we must reduce the amount of access to their home culture
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Unformatted text preview: b.i. Several times there have been laws in an attempt to minimize the amounts of satellites 4. Many positive feelings and negative a. Sense that western Europe has become an open sib and there is an unregulated amount of immigration a.i. Brings sense of invasion because of all the people coming b. Increase in immigrants being attacked increased by 18% in 2008 c. East Indian victims attacked in East Germany by neo-Nazis in 2008 c.i. France 8% Muslim d. Anti- Semitism d.i. Increased by white supremacy movements because of all these immigrants d.ii. At same time all these people feeling blunt of these hate crimes rally together with others, d.ii.1. Neo-Nazi’s attack immigrants Immigrants go to Jewish cemeteries and paint swastikas’ on tombstones? d.iii....
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