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Unformatted text preview: Film Review Project History 140 Professor Owre The film review is meant to test your ability to apply the lessons of this class to material you encounter in your daily life. You should watch a film set in the world since 1945 and be prepared to craft a 2 page “review” that does the following: 1.) FILM--The review should accurately describe the film, its essential plot points, and key characters if these are important to relating the film’s relevance to our course subject. (1-2 paragraphs) 2.) CONTEXT-- Think about the categories we have been looking at: Cold War, Globalization, Decolonization, Consumerism, etc. The review should specifically address the historical context of the period in question and explain the presence (or lack thereof) of these events in the film. Does the film change common perceptions, challenge the dominant narrative, or show events from a different perspective (a child, women, etc.)? In some cases, you might consider addressing the context of the film itself (when it was made) and how this changes the perspective...
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