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World Since 1945, Professor Owre Final Paper Project DUE: For History 140-001 (M-W, 3-4:15): December 2 For History 140-951(T-TH 6-7:15): December 1 Using at least five of the primary source texts from our course (not videos or the textbook) write a 4-5 page argumentative essay that synthesizes some of the key ideas we discussed in this course. The prompt for the essay is simple: What political, social, or economic force or idea do you feel has had the most impact on the World since 1945? Some examples of potential “answers” are (your choice does not have to be on this list): Capitalism Communism Nationalism Colonialism (or Neo-Colonialism) Decolonization Socialism Human Rights Consumerism Keynesian Economics Free Market Economics Terrorism Environmentalism Gender Equality Militarism Fundamentalism Identity Politics Globalization Supranationalism etc., etc. etc. The important points are that you clearly state your argument*, clearly define your terms,** and use sufficient evidence to support your argument. You will not be graded on how “correct” your
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