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Final Review - People must take lower jobs affects idea of...

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1. Détente a. Helsinki conference b. SALT – details lots of treaties c. Symbolic – Nixon and Mao d. Out of Vietnam in 70’s 2. Cold War a. Guns and Butter vs Sustaining animosity b. Afghanistan essentially ended cold war 3. Helsinki importance a. Development of human rights b. Massacre c. 1990’s Cold war over, rise of nationalism in Europe again 4. Solidarity a. Single thing 5. Immigration a. Pick Case study b. General increase in immigration…drastic increase in Europe in particular, increase in 80’s c. Europe c.i.
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Unformatted text preview: People must take lower jobs affects idea of national identity, HUGE 6. Boris Yeltsin a. Context – end of major things, beginning new major things b. Economic problems in countries c. Nationalist, Russian d. Free Markets in 90’s and the difficult transition e. Russia is in trouble because of the nationalism f. Context- particular things at end of soviet union who rescues Russia, coups in 91 and 93 g. Commonwealth of independent states, still falls...
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