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History 140—Identification Terms and Study Guide for First Mid-Term Identification Terms from Reading: Knowledge of these terms will be very helpful on the exam! You should understand each of these terms in some detail and be able to discuss their contexts and relation to core course themes. Information on them can be found in the textbook, lectures, or readings/sources—and in some cases a combination of all three. 1. Imperialism 2. Colonialism 3. Capitalism 4. Marxism 5. Nationalism 6. Nehru 7. Lenin 8. Cominform 9. Nomenklatura 10. Truman Doctrine 11. McCarthy 12. Korean War 13. Kennan 14. Keynesian Economics 15. Bretton Woods 16. Keiretsu 17. Christian Democrats 18. Adenauer 19. Coca-Colonization 20. Neo-colonialism 21. Maoism 22. Vietminh 23. Indian National Congress 24. Huk Rebellion 25. Lopez Family 26. Ladino 27. Good Neighbor Policy 28. July 26 Movement 29. Bay of Pigs 30. Pan-Africanism 31. Commodity Agriculture 32. Mossadeq 33. Suez Canal Crisis 34. Front Liberation National
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