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Nov. 2 - 1 Samizdat and Dissidents in the Post-Helsinki Era...

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1. Samizdat and Dissidents in the Post-Helsinki Era a. Gives lots of exposure of soviet dissidence in sciences philosophy and the arts b. Late 70’s tightening of censorship 2. Soviet Satellites in the 70’s and 80’s a. Poland a.i. Trade imbalance a.ii. Food prices out of control a.iii. Increased debt to West a.iv. Lots of violence and riots a.v. State control is not yeileding anything better b. Hungary b.i. 1956 – Hungary enacts new reform b.ii. Goulash Communism b.ii.1. Small scale capitalism b.iii. Fairly open contacts with the West c. GDR: East Germany c.i. STATSI – secret police c.i.1. Tons of police around and approx. 150,000 informers c.ii. Industrial Police State d. Romania d.i. Ceausescu and Poverty d.ii. Oil reserves that made things good, dried up in 1979 everything fell apart e. Bulgaria e.i. Mother Russia e.ii. Most Loyal e.iii. Theodore _______ f. Yugoslavia f.i. Internal tensions f.ii. Independence f.iii. Tito dies in 1980 f.iv. 1974 Tito revises constitution allowing for separate presidential elections all around the country, powers ready to exert themselves after Tito dies g. Czechoslovakia g.i. Emotionally depressed country g.ii. Decline in production g.iii. Charter 77 – group protesting conditions 3. Anti Nuclear activism a. Germany b. Cross iron curtain phenomenon c. Joint protests d. Not overnight change 1945-1989 all kinds od developments happening that lead to fall of USSR 4. 1973 a. depressed western Europe b. Europe wants pipeline to get a hold of Soviet gasoline c. US fights this because of economic competition
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d. US searching out new markets for products, selling lots of grain to USSR but not wanting the pipeline 5. Brezhnev floods Afghanistan with soviet troops a. Soviet Vietnam b.
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