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Oct 21 Notes - The international Sixties 1 Culture a system...

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The international Sixties 1. Culture: a system of symbols and the practice of using those symbols a. Society: structural parts of culture b. Youth of the 60’s had a whole culture was having a rapidly evolving set of ideas c. Elders in essence had not yet evolved therefore they could not understand each other 2. Europe -> much of what happened in Europe was relevant to the US a. Cold War – Europe still sees itself as battleground for cold war a.i. Vietnam a.ii. Nuclear Threat b. Faded Empires b.i. Third world is playground for fighting b.ii. Western Europe had an extreme amount of reproduction along with most of Europe, young people living in a different world 3. Society in transition a. Wealthy and Society b. Old and New Europe b.i. Old politics – socialists, labor party, b.ii. New Europe has value of industrialism b.iii. Prosperity is painting over old problems, creating new but making things that were previously bad are covered b.iv. SO much tension between old and young b.v. Eastern Europe still is lacking in all aspects b.v.1. Not as much of cultural gap initially b.v.2. Discontent in form of nationalism c. Consumer societies and Generations c.i. Things too young or too old to fit into society c.ii. Mobility c.ii.1. Sense that people can move around, buy whatever you want, exposed to social mobility c.ii.2. Welfare has made it unnecessary to save because everything is “taken care of.” lose job – unemployment, etc. Spend money on whatever. c.iii. Frugality out of fashion c.iii.1. Youth that has comfort to look deep into society for problems older generation would have never seen or see problems differently c.iii.2. No less politically interested but looking through different glasses c.iii.3. Old = Cultural outlook shaped by war and depression, Wont criticize old culture. c.iv.
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Oct 21 Notes - The international Sixties 1 Culture a system...

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