Oct 26 - Gatekeeper Economies/ Gatekeeper States 1....

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Gatekeeper Economies/ Gatekeeper States 1. Colonies a. Lay over boundaries but aren’t really interwoven b. Economies are export driven c. Control who gets in and outside of country d. Licensing, who gets included in economy 2. 1950’s gate in Africa opening up. a. Very little chance of self sufficiency 3. New states cannot as adequately enforce rules a. But can use resources to establish patronage, bribery and stuff – men who do this are considered the “Big Men” in nearly every African new state 4. After est. of independent states countries not much different from before From Community to Bilateralism (or “Neo-Colonialism”) 1. Leaders are not quick to retain their aid from large countries 2. French government abandons idea of helping little states, in spirit if new ideas they create “Cooperation Accords” a. Now have separate agreements with each independent state b. Diplomatic, military, money, all things are different c. Ran by system of meetings with new states and French every 2 years, new stipulations Commercial Dominance 1. Broken apart in 1958 2. Africa maintains colonial agreements, 3. French West Africa has 70% of trade with France, essentially meant France paying higher prices than international commodity prices for raw goods, in return Africans paid more for actual goods that were from France. 1954 France paid approx. 60 billion francs but colonies paid 80 billion francs. Governments are always at a loss to the big states.
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Oct 26 - Gatekeeper Economies/ Gatekeeper States 1....

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