Sept 28

Sept 28 - Colonialism Anti-Colonialism Imperialism...

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Colonialism, Anti-Colonialism Imperialism, Neo-Colonialism, Post Colonial 1) Decolonization Politics and Third World Action a) General Assessment b) Revies of Area-Specific Conditions c) The Case of French West Africa 2) Decolonization Fever a) Assimilation vs. Association a.i) Totally turn them into the type of people (French) English- Association b) Expectation vs. gradualism c) Varieties of Colonialism c.i) Colonies full of settlers vs very few. Settler colonialism d) Cold War influence d.i)Gave new colonies an idea as to what to do with their independence d.ii) Kennedy and Kruchchev going to Algerian independence e) Race and Ethnicity e.i) White man is always the bad guy 3) Review of Hunt’s Cases a) Guatemala and Arbenz a.i) Fruit company and Ladino(descendants of Europeans) own the land in Guatemala a.ii) Mayans also have small amounts of land a.iii) Profits were going out of country so Arbenz worked for his power a.iv) Land redistribution when Arbenz comes into power, he gets couped (which is sponsored by the US) b) Cuba and Castro
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Sept 28 - Colonialism Anti-Colonialism Imperialism...

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