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Sept 30 Notes - a.i America a.ii Intellectuals(a.ii.1...

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1) Anti-colonial Discourse and Post-colonial Reality 2) African Resistance to French Rule a) 1944, Massacre at Thiaroye, Senegal b) 1945, Setif, Algeria c) Malagay Uprising, 1947 c.i) Mouvement democratique de la renovation malagache (MDRM) 1) Aime Cesaire a) Angry at…
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Unformatted text preview: a.i) America a.ii) Intellectuals (a.ii.1) Racism designed at democracy (a.ii.2) Thinly veiled as science a.iii) Journalists b) Marxist ideology 2) Colonialism has divided Africa even as people believed it was not happening....
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