west euro notes 10-24-07

west euro notes 10-24-07 - 10/24/07 a. New disciplines...

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10/24/07 a. New disciplines numismatics, epigraphy, philology a.i. Numismatics – study of ancient coins, enriched study of ancient world a.ii. Epigraphy – study of inscriptions b/c all of roman architecture has writing on it a.iii. Philology – study of rhetoric and grammar in classical languages b. Lorenzo B. Valla and the Treatise on the donations of Constantine b.i. Donation of Constantine b.i.1. Not real donation b.i.2. Proof that donation of Constantine to church was a forgery b.i.3. “gave” the church the western part of roman empire b.i.4. Lorenzo studied language to disprove the donation b.i.5. City of Constantinople – Byzantium b.i.6. When he decided to shift capital from rome to Byzantium, Constantine said he wanted to call it New Rome b.i.7. Lorenzo knew that city was called New Rome not Constantinople so the document of donation was wrong b.i.8. Means the papacy was lying about its power over western empire c. Education of European Elites c.i. Humanism is basis for education c.ii. Reasons for studying the ancient teachings Extra - Humanism of Petrarch transformed into politic aspects - Humanism became institutionalized in Florence and spread to other parts of Italy and rest of Europe Late Medieval Piety
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west euro notes 10-24-07 - 10/24/07 a. New disciplines...

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