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Paper 1 Prompt - History 151-06 Western Civilization to...

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History 151-06 Western Civilization to 1650 Hunziker Paper #1 Due 12:30 p.m., September 27, in-class In his famous funeral oration, the Athenian statesman Pericles extolled the virtues of Athenian democracy, a system of government in which political power (sovereignty) was not only derived from the citizenry, but was directly exercised by it. But according to several ancient Greek and Roman authors, democracy was potentially unstable and could ultimately threaten the rights and interests of the very citizens from whom it derived its authority. Nevertheless, some of these same critics also believed that the primary function of “good” governments and constitutions was still to protect the rights and serve the interests of the citizenry (or at least the greatest part of it). In an essay of 1200-1500 words, briefly discuss some of criticisms that contemporary critics of democracy in the ancient Mediterranean world leveled against it. Then, analyze two (2) constitutional alternatives or solutions put forward by two (2) different authors that you have read so far this semester (up to week 5) that sought to balance the need for stability while at the same time fulfilling the primary role of “good” government: protecting the rights and serving the best interests of the citizenry. Which of these solutions do you believe is most relevant to the subsequent evolution of Western political traditions and constitutions? Why? Choose only from these texts in the course reader: Thucydides, “Funeral Oration of Pericles” from History of the Peloponnesian War The Old Oligarch, “The Polity of the Athenians” Xenophon, “The Polity of the Spartans” Plato, excerpts from The Republic Aristotle, excerpts from The Politics Plato, “The Apology” and The Republic Aristotle, Ethics Polybius, Book VI of The Histories Sallust, The Catiline Conspiracy and The Jurgurthine War Aelius Aristes, “The Roman Oration” Tacitus, Annals , speech of Claudius on Admitting Provincials to the Senate
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Paper 1 Prompt - History 151-06 Western Civilization to...

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