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Exam_1a - Name Geology 101 Exam 1 1 From choices below the...

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1. From choices below, the best estimate of the age of the Universe is ____________ old. a. 5 million b. 6 billion c. 14 billion d. 100 billion 2. Strong evidence that the Universe is expanding comes from the fact that the light emitted from distant galaxies appears to be ____________. 3. Atoms that are heavier than iron are generally produced by ____________. a. fission reactions within stars b. fusion reactions within stars c. explosion of supernovas d. the Big Bang 4. Chemically, the Moon is quite similar to ____________. 5. Differentiation of the core from the mantle early in Earth’s history was possible because the planet was ____________ at the time. 6. Heat transfer that occurs through the movement of a fluid, driven by temperature differences within the fluid, is called ____________. a. radiation b. conduction c. convection d. adhesion Name: Geology 101 Exam 1
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7. In the whole Earth, the four most common elements are oxygen, silicon, magnesium, and ____________. 8. The most common minerals within Earth are ____________. 9. Earth’s magnetic field is generated by ____________. 10. The densest layer of Earth is the ____________. a. crust b. mantle c. outer core d. inner core 11. The distinction between the crust and mantle is primarily on the basis of a difference in ____________; the distinction between the lithosphere and asthenosphere is primarily on the basis of a difference in ____________.
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