Geology 101 Section 3 Notes

Geology 101 Section 3 Notes - Processes that wear down the...

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Processes that wear down the surface of the earth 1. Mass movement. a. Factors that control landslides a.i. Water: reduces cohesion of sand. (a little water actually increases cohesiveness but a lot of water reduces it a lot) Dry sand has a greater angle of repose than saturated sand. Angle of repose is the angle of side of pile. Water can act as a lubricant. Increases the weight of the rocks or sediment. a.ii. Slope a.iii. Orientation of rock layers b. Famous Landslides: Wyoming-Gros Ventre Mountains. Had tilted layers with a valley. Over time valley got deeper and cut through a layer of sand stone. With nothing to hold up the top layer, it fell down in a storm. Dammed up the stream running through the valley and made a resavoir. Eventually the dam broke and flooded a town downstream. c. Types of landslides c.i. Falls c.ii. Slides c.iii. Slumps 2. Streams and Rivers a. Young River Valleys a.i. Erode sides and bottom of the valley. Over time the stream widens the valley. b. Old River valleys b.i. When there are bends in a river the water moving against the curve in the stream moves with greater velocity than the one that goes along the inside of a bend. Over time this widens the bends and creates the huge meandering rivers. c. High sediment load streams c.i. Creates braided streams (Alaska). Extremely complicated streams that weave in and out of eachother Cut Bank: the Outside of the bend in the stream that gets eroded Point Bar: the inside of the bend that gets sediment deposits Flood Plain: Deposits large amount of small sediment that is good for farmland Incised Meanders: Indication of uplift in the crust
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Geology 101 Section 3 Notes - Processes that wear down the...

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