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Chapter 16 Microbial Life Chemoautotrophs are organisms that use hydrogen sulfide as an energy source and carbon dioxide as a carbon source. Dental plaque is a biofilm formed by colonizing bacteria on the surface of teeth. Water treatment facilities depend on prokaryotic decomposers to decompose the organic matter in sewage. The organism is an autotroph that lives inside a heterotrophic eukaryotic protist host. This is an example
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Unformatted text preview: of secondary endosymbiosis. A pseudopod is a part of an amoeba's body that it can stretch out and use to pull itself along a surface or to surround food and pull the food into its body (used for movement). The three shapes of Prokaryotes are cocci, bacilli and spirochete. Growth of prokaryotes are by binary fission. Bacteria are very diverse....
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