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American Sign Language

American Sign Language - ASL can be used in the United...

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American Sign Language Fall 2011 American Sign Language (ASL) ASL is a language capable of expressing abstract ideas that utilizes space and movement to convey a particular message. Introduction in the deal culture tend to include both first and last names. Often, new acquaintances know relatives or have common friends. Many deaf people have stories about meeting a friend of another friend in other cities, states and even countries. Historically, American Sign Language (ASL) is related to French sign language.
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Unformatted text preview: ASL can be used in the United States and also Canada. Americans borrowed many signs from the French people. Remember, not all deaf people can read lips. Only about 30 percent of the English language can be lip read. It is considered impolite and rude to leave a group of deaf people without saying goodbye to each person in the group. Farewells can generally take a long time....
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