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Character Grid -2 - My P. Le WG211 JP 2011 Character Grids...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP 2011 Character Grids for “Till We Have Faces” “Till We Have Faces” written by C.S.Lewis in 1956, a myth retold of “Cupid and Psyche” in the telling of the oldest ugly sister. Character Archetype(s) Difference(s) Psyche/Istra Virgin/ Good girl The Psyche in this version is almost totally different from all other Psyches. Psyches in other stories are all depicted as supremely beautiful and everyone admires Psyche for just her appearance; however, she didn’t have a real personality/identity before the visit of her sisters at her palace. She didn’t really live until her happiness crumbled and she had to go on her quest. In this story, through Orual’s watching since Psyche was born, we could get a much better sense of what kind of person Psyche was. Psyche, though not the heroine of this story, was the central plot and had the most complexity out of all the Psyches so far. She grew up simple-minded at first, unaware of her beauty and the harm it would cost, loved her sister Orual and the Fox sincerely as any child would love their parents – the sincerity which could not be found in other Psyches towards their parents – they simply agreed to follow the oracles and comforted their parents before leaving. Psyche also had her own childish dream of a wonderful house on the Mountain with the greatest king as her husband – this feels as real as any little girl would ever dream of. And over time as Psyche grew up, events realistically built up her maturity. From a child that dreamt of fairy-tale life, she went out of the palace to try helping people with the fever, at first to carry out her royal duty and then for her love for the nurse. This Psyche was also the one with the greatest power among the three Psyches. While the other Psyches’ concern was that due to their inhumanly beauty, no men would want their hands in marriage, this Psyche longed for freedom as she could see so little to expect from her country and her father. She was willing to face death as she didn’t want to live a meaningless life. To go to the Offering was her choice. And though she was a girl in patriarchy,
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Character Grid -2 - My P. Le WG211 JP 2011 Character Grids...

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