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Character Grid - 4 - My P. Le WG211 JP 2011 Character Grids...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP 2011 Character Grids for “Rose Daughter” Rose Daughter is a second retelling of the tale of Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley, published in 1997. Character Archetype(s) Difference(s) Beauty Virgin/ Good girl In “Rose Daughter”, Beauty was depicted differently from other versions of “Beauty and the Beast”. She wasn’t extremely beautiful and outshone her sisters; she wasn’t the wittiest; she wasn’t engaged in books and she wasn’t the commander of the house either. Rather, Beauty was not very noticeable in company of her sisters, but she was a sweet, caring, patient girl who was brave and determined, who soothed her soul in the garden and who loved Rose more than anything in the world. Beauty in other versions only cared for her father, while this Beauty also loved her sisters dearly and was almost obsessed with her mother. Beauty rescued Lionheart's animal victims and soothed those cut by Jeweltongue's sharpness – this is rather similar to the Beauty in the original version. The de-emphasis of Beauty’s appearance in this version allowed for more focus on her heart and her actions. This was emphasized more in Beauty’s uncomfortableness with all the luxuries in the Beast’s castle (which was also different from other versions where Beauty was excited and enjoyed all the luxuries and beautiful gowns given). Different from other versions, in “Rose Daughter”, at first Beauty couldn’t bear to look at the Beast at all without the gift of serenity from the salamander – she had more fear of the Beast than in other versions, probably because of her recurring nightmare that she was lost in a dark corridor, at the end of which awaited a some sort of beast. However, when finally telling the Beast of her dream, she distinguished between a beast and a monster. She still feared the monster, but not the Beast. As Beauty saw the Beast's paintings, his love of the stars, and his loneliness, she stopped seeing him as something unnatural and she learnt more and more of his kind heart. In the original version and Cocteau’s version, the Beast didn’t show any development, he didn’t have any characters besides his kindness, thus it seems less convincing to me that Beauty fell in love with him. While in Disney version, the Beast seemed like a
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Character Grid - 4 - My P. Le WG211 JP 2011 Character Grids...

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