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Reaction Paper -6 - My P Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper for...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP2011 Reaction Paper for “Chocolat” The conflict between indulgence and guilt within one’s self is an interesting theme to me. Chocolate is a metaphor for both indulgence and guilt, depending on one’s perspective. To Vianne and her supporters, chocolate represents indulgence, while to Reynaud and his followers, it represents guilt. Reynaud resists the temptation, however, because he equates pleasure with sin since discovering his revered mentor, Père Antoine, having sex with his mother. This gives me a glimpse of another metaphor: sexuality can be the greatest sin and women are the root of all evil; on the other hand, sexuality can also be the greatest pleasure and women are the origin of life. Everyone wants it, but everyone is afraid to admit the fact. The same applies to people in Lansquenet-sous-Tannes; The townspeople feel guilty when they break their Lenten fast by trying “just one” of Vianne’s delicious candies. They run to confess their sin to Francis Reynaud so he can absolve them of their guilt. With so much emphasis on holding on to social morality, what has ever happened to being true to ourselves? I particularly love the transformation in Josephine’s perception. When she first met Vianne, Josephine was hesitant to associate with her. Brainwashed by her strict husband, Serge, Josephine at first believed“if you don’t go to Confession…or if you don't pretend that you want nothing more in your life than to serve your husband three meals a day, then you’re crazy.” Josephine was upset with being restricted in her life but afraid to break away from the community’s ideal of a housewife. Thus she accepted her life and was doubtful of Vianne’s unorthodox lifestyle. Her expectations failed when Vianne asked her to help make chocolate. Vianne taught her the eloquent process of creating special chocolates and encouraged Josephine
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Reaction Paper -6 - My P Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper for...

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