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Reaction Paper - 2 - My P Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP2011 Reaction Paper for “Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth” Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth tells the story about the cycle of growth – from adolescence to womanhood and queenship to rebirth of the goddess of fertility Inanna. Her journey began when the bird, the serpent, and the maid invaded her huluppu-tree. As a woman in fear of the Gods, she planted the huluppu-tree in hope for her throne and her bed – in other words, her queenship and her womanhood. The three creatures that inhabited her tree were her dark desires that she needed to get rid of in order to deserve the throne and the bed. Unable to remove the dark creatures on her own, Inanna asked her brother for help – with the most basic and powerful feminine power: her tears. Her brother Gilgamesh, struck the serpent, and all left the tree. Inanna gained her throne and her bad, and began her new quest for power to reign over her domain. She gained more power when Enki hands the holy me (the laws of civilization) over to her. She then began to realize the power she hold over others. Inanna went to the underworld on a journey for more power – the power to understand and accept one’s dark sides. It is there that she was killed and later saved by Enki's help. The rebirth of Inanna indicated the full growth of one as a whole when she is willing to accept all of her aspects. Wolkstein and Kramer portrayed Inanna as a strong character, and she used her power to get
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Reaction Paper - 2 - My P Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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