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My P. Le WG211 – JP2011 Reaction Paper for "Prologue, Preface, & In Search of Her" As I read In Search of Her , I was deeply struck by how different backgrounds lead to different perceptions of God and Goddess. As for me, I grew up in Vietnam where almost everyone is Buddhist, so I naturally adopted basic concepts of Buddhism. The image of Buddha has always been a man, but no Buddhist can neglect the existence of a female deity standing besides Buddha – Guanyin. She is the Goddess of Mercy and Maternity, embodying femininity, kindness and caring. There are numerous myths of the birth of the world, and in most of these myths it was a woman – the Great Mother that gave birth to the very first people of hundreds of ethnicities. And even though there is the King of Heaven, there is also the Queen of Heaven and many other female deities. Therefore, even under patriarchy, the roles of Goddess have never been neglected in Asian cultures. I’ve read Greek myths since I was a little girl, and have been enchanted with
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