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Reaction Paper - 4 - My P. Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP2011 Reaction Paper for “Two Old Women” The powerful transformation in Two Old Women struck me deeply. At the beginning of the story, the two old women were lazy and whiny, and they felt helpless when The People abandoned them; they didn’t even have the will do defend themselves against the order of the Chief. This was because they had allowed themselves to be served by others; they didn’t keep their skills strong, and thus lacked willpower and independence. As they were forced on the journey, they acquired strength and character to become industrious and independent. In the end, they had powered themselves more than enough; they even helped The People who abandoned them and gained a respectful status in the society. While Sa' brings strength, hope, and comic relief, the emotion of the novel belongs to Ch'idzigyaak. When the Chief announced that the women would be left behind, their reactions were rather different. Ch'idzigyaak felt the utmost despair, while Sa’ felt more of anger. Betrayed by her own daughter, Ch'idzigyaak felt she lost everything. The hurt that Ch'idzigyaak carried throughout the story was evident in nearly everything she did. During the journey, when her bones and muscles ached, she just wanted to die and get rid of the horrible feelings she amassed. She wanted to give up immediately at first, and Sa’ had to give a talk to cheer her up. Sa’ was not that desperate, perhaps because she didn’t have any descendant in the group, thus she felt more of a business relationship than a family relationship with The People. Their difference in attitude might have been the results of their experience in the past. Ch’idzigyaak’s grandmother was also abandoned by her people and she was even killed by her own kin.
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Reaction Paper - 4 - My P. Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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