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Reaction Paper - 5 - My P. Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP2011 Reaction Paper for “Daughters of Copper Woman” Daughters of Copper Woman is a beautiful retelling of Northwest Coast Native creation myths, which cherishes women in every way possible. Reading this book gives me the affirmation that women are creative and powerful and can produce a culture that is strong and viable. Those women are enviable. They knew where they came from, who they were. Their roles as women were prepared for and celebrated. They thought of their bodies and bodily functions as sacred and powerful. The narration gives the feeling of closeness and warmth, which reminds me of the times I had my grandmother with me telling the story of our ancestors. There are a number of things that I like about the book. In the legend, all women have descended from one woman-Copper Woman; in fact, she populated all four corners of the world. Her wisdom is passed down to all future generations, but in bits and pieces in each of us that we need to fit together. In the book, the traditional Nootka women were very powerful-members of warrior tribes, memorizers of traditions and many were members of an influential secret society. A woman honored her body; she participated in rites of passage leading to puberty, she was prepared for marriage and childbirth, and even death was treated as an honorable passing. Family
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Reaction Paper - 5 - My P. Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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