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Reaction Paper - 8 - My P Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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My P. Le WG211 – JP2011 Reaction Paper for “Tehanu” Contrary to the darkness that The Tombs of Atuan shed on women’s role, Tehanu is a light of feminism. Discrimination and crimes against women were brought to light and exposed to judgment, and in the end, women were proved to have great power. Tenar, the priestess lost in the dark in The Tombs of Atuan and clueless with freedom, had become mature and more powerful in Tehanu. The theme of discrimination against women is significantly emphasized in this novel. Moss told Tenar that a man was like a nut and that he was nothing but what was inside the shell. Ged seemed to underscore this assessment; he was frustrated and depressed when he found out that his powers were all gone. He withdrew inside his shell as being ashamed of his weakness. It was ironic when Tenar and Ged’s positions were completely the opposite of twenty-five years ago – Tenar, the clueless girl in a whole new world now became the savior, while Ged, the brave hero now turned into a powerless man. I found myself annoyed at Ged during his conversation with Tenar about the role of women on Earthsea. Despite being saved by Tenar, Ged still claimed that he believed that women were inferior to men and cannot rule in any capacity because of their inferiority. “Power belongs to men. If women had power, what would men be but women who can’t bear children?” Ged’s statement places himself in the typical image of a dogmatic man under patriarchal influence, believing that men are the Masters. He was overconfident with male power; however, at the same time, his words also illustrated men’s fear for female power – that if women could claim power, men would lose their place. I used to like the younger Ged in The Tombs of Atuan, but after this conversation I somehow see Ged as pathetic – after he lost his power, he was too afraid of his
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Reaction Paper - 8 - My P Le WG211 JP2011 Reaction Paper...

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